Chicago SSI Disability Attorney

At Social Security Defenders LLC, our Chicago SSI Disability Attorneys have years of experience focusing on helping people with disabilities obtain the benefits they deserve. Social Security Defenders is a law firm that limits its practice to helping people obtain SSDI, SSI, or Veterans benefits in Chicago and around the country.  By hiring an SSI lawyer that has handled hundreds of cases in court, you ensure that you are hiring someone with the experience and knowledge to put you in the best position to win your claim.

Obtaining disability benefits is not easy, even when hiring an SSI disability attorney.  At the application level, the government reports that approximately 70% of claims are denied. If your SSI disability lawyer appeals the application denial, less than 10% of the appealed claims are approved.  This means that the overwhelming majority of cases will have to be argued in front of an administrative law judge. At that level, it is crucial to have someone by your side who understands the system to put you in the best position for success.

Our Chicago SSI Disability Attorneys have handled all different types of claims from children suffering from learning disabilities to adults diagnosed with cancer or congestive heart failure.  Regardless of your medical condition, we have the experience to inform you of the strengths and weaknesses of your particular situation.

SSI disability lawyers can be difficult to find in Chicago for a number of reasons. First, there really aren’t that many lawyers that practice Social Security law compared to other fields like bankruptcy or personal injury.  Second, due to the government’s financial requirements SSI claims can be more complicated to handle. Lastly, the back benefit award is not typically as high for SSI applicants as it is for SSDI claims.

At Social Security Defenders LLC, our law firm handles both SSI and SSDI claims in Chicago and surrounding areas in Illinois such as Arlington Heights, Evanston, Oak Brook, Rockford and more. An SSI lawyer that understands the disability process and regulations can significantly improve your chances of winning your claim.

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