Social Security Disability Forms

The Social Security disability benefits process can be long, complicated, and is filled with numerous types of correspondence with Social Security.  Whether you are being represented by a Social Security disability lawyer or not, it is very important that you know and have ready access to required government forms.

Social Security disability forms very in length and complexity.  Some of the forms are only one page of very basic information while others ask for a lot of information covering many pages.  Getting Social Security disability is hard enough as it is, adding complex forms to the mix does not help anyone with the process.

Whether you are thinking of applying or are currently going through the process, it is important to know that getting Social Security disability benefits WILL require at least some of the forms below completed and sent back to Social Security. For your convenience, our firm has made available to you some of the more common Social Security disability forms.

Social Security Disability Forms For Applicants

Note that there are other Social Security disability forms that the government may require, this is not an exhaustive list. Some of the forms commonly used are:

Form SSA-827-Authorization to Disclose Information

Form SSA-1696-Appointment of Representative

Form SSA-561-Request for Reconsideration

Form SSA-3441-Disability Report Appeal

Form SSA HA-501-Request for Hearing by Administrative Law Judge

Form SSA HA-520-Request for Review of Hearing Decision

Form SSA HA-4631-Claimant’s Recent Medical Treatment

Form SSA HA-4632-Claimant’s Medications

Form SSA HA-4633-Claimant’s Work Background

Form SSA HA-539-Substitute Party Upon Death of Claimant

As you can see, it may require a lot of time and work to make sure that you completed everything that is necessary to receive the benefits you or your loved ones deserve. We are here to help you win your claim, so contact us for a free consultation today and let us help you make sense of all the social security disability forms and hearings you may encounter on this journey.

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