Delayed Benefits

Social Security Disability Benefits And Getting Paid

Have You Won Your Disability Benefits Case?

Congratulations!  If you find yourself in the situation where you have been approved for Social Security disability benefits, then you are in a group of few disability claimants who were able to successfully navigate through the murky waters of the Social Security system.

Unfortunately, after fighting to obtain disability benefits for years you would think that the process would finally be over, that is not often the case. Getting paid has become an entire process in and of itself.  If you find that your benefits were approved and it has been several months and you have not yet been paid, it is extremely important that you take immediate action.

Immediate action can include setting up an appointment with a Social Security District Office supervisor.  If you are able to get in contact with a nice and helpful supervisor, he or she can typically contact a payment center directly to begin the process of issuing your payment. Most payment centers can seem close to being non-existent.  A supervisor has the ability to contact them directly, thus getting to the center of the problem.

You can try writing to a payment center. You or your Social Security disability lawyer can write a letter to the payment center asking for the status of your claim typically 45 days from the favorable decision.  If you still have not heard anything back from Social Security 45 days after you or your disability attorney sent the fax letter to the payment center, try sending another fax over to them.  Make sure to keep copies of anything you send to Social security because they tend to lose or misplace documents all the time.

Another option is to contact your local congressman.  A congressional office typically has a department or specific person designated to handle Social Security issues.  Since the Social Security Administration makes so many errors your congressman’s office most likely has dealt with many issues similar to yours. A congressional inquiry can speed up the Social Security disability benefits payment process.


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